Read.  Write.  Connect!

Southern Arizona Connection welcomes you!  We are southern Arizona’s monthly open forum newspaper, where we allow all voices to be heard.

Southern Arizona Connection started as the Arivaca Connection back in 1983, when a group of friends decided to start up a small, open forum newspaper in their rural town. Connection grew and thrived under Maggie Milinovitch, who believed very deeply in the freedom of press and speech.  Maggie sold Connection in November 2014, and it has been in publication under new ownership since then.

Connection is your open forum newspaper!  We publish your thoughts, ideas, poetry, art, letters and more every month and allow all voices to be heard.  Submissions are due on the 20th of each month to SAZConnection@gmail.com.  Writers must identify themselves and maintain civility. Please no profanity, libel, name-calling or other bully behavior!

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