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Ramón Ahumada

by Mary Kasulaitis The first Arizonan to be inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City was Arivaca’s own Ramón Ahumada. Although he had no children of his own, a generation of young men, too numerous to mention, proudly bore the… Continue Reading “Ramón Ahumada”

La Gitana Cantina

by Mary Kasulaitis For many Arivacans, the center of town life has been La Gitana Cantina. Besides a dance hall and saloon, at various times the building has been used for a church, a courtroom, a store, a hay barn, and a restaurant. There… Continue Reading “La Gitana Cantina”

The Moyza Ranch

by Mary Kasulaitis Welcome to Moyza, population 67. The little sign at about milepost 11 on the Arivaca Road introduces you to a community whose roots go back to the 1870s. On Spanish maps the place name “Aquituni” may be this part of the… Continue Reading “The Moyza Ranch”

Arivaca pioneers: the Campas family

by Mary Kasulaitis As you come driving into Arivaca from Amado, at about milepost 4, you can see a small ranch a half a mile or so south of the road. That is the location of what was the Campas Ranch, situated on rolling… Continue Reading “Arivaca pioneers: the Campas family”

William G. Poindexter, Justice of the Peace

by Mary Kasulaitis Once upon a time Arivaca had resident law enforcement in the person of William G. Poindexter, who was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1878. Village organization was in its infancy, but understandably in that era, this post was significant and… Continue Reading “William G. Poindexter, Justice of the Peace”

George Pusch, land baron

by Mary Kasulaitis George Pusch’s name is on one of Arivaca’s main streets, which begins at the junction with Ruby Road and eventually becomes the Arivaca-Sasabe Road as it leaves town going northwest. So who was George Pusch, and why was his name on… Continue Reading “George Pusch, land baron”

Arivaca Town Founders: Don Pedro Aguirre

by Mary Kasulaitis It could be said that Don Pedro J. Aguirre, Jr. founded the town of Arivaca as we know it. Although the area had been occupied by Native Americans, Mexican ranchers and Anglo miners for many years, when Don Pedro and his… Continue Reading “Arivaca Town Founders: Don Pedro Aguirre”

Arivaca Town Founders: Noah W. Bernard and John Bogan

by Mary Kasulaitis Bogan and Bernard. Those two names were linked together more often than not in the days before the turn of the 20th century in Arivaca valley. Noah W. Bernard, “Nonie,” as he was called, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on January… Continue Reading “Arivaca Town Founders: Noah W. Bernard and John Bogan”

Lucretia Roberts: First woman deputy sheriff in Arizona

by Mary Kasulaitis She was the subject of a novel and they made a movie about her, but still, Lucretia Roberts is not a household name in Southern Arizona. Well she should be, for Mrs. Roberts was the first woman deputy sheriff in Arizona… Continue Reading “Lucretia Roberts: First woman deputy sheriff in Arizona”

Bertha and JF McDole, Pioneer Teachers

By Mary Kasulaitis This is the story of two pioneer teachers in Southern Arizona. They were the kind of tenacious self-sufficient teachers that used to be prevalent in the rural schools of Arizona. Of necessity, they were tough, and they didn’t let a little… Continue Reading “Bertha and JF McDole, Pioneer Teachers”