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George W. Cheyney and Montana Camp

by Mary Kasulaitis Most of us are familiar with the heyday of Ruby in the 30s, when there were tents all over the hills, four roomfuls of children at the School and the regular shift changes at the mine. Back in the 19th century,… Continue Reading “George W. Cheyney and Montana Camp”

Phil and Gipsy Clarke: pioneer rancher and teacher

by Mary Kasulaitis In the first half of the 20th century the Clarke Ranch, now known as the Montana Ranch and owned by the USFWS, anchored the headwaters of Arivaca valley. Phil and Gipsy Clarke were true pioneers who left home and family and… Continue Reading “Phil and Gipsy Clarke: pioneer rancher and teacher”

Hoof and mouth disease

by Mary Kasulaitis We’ve heard this before and we’ll hear it again. Cattle being slaughtered by the thousands to prevent the spread of hoof and mouth disease. Scientifically known as aftosa, it is also commonly called foot and mouth disease. All animals with cloven… Continue Reading “Hoof and mouth disease”

Teresa Celaya, La Doña de Arivaca

by Mary Kasulaitis What does it take to move to a new land, settle down, and make a success of your life? Especially when you are a middle-aged, sometime single mother from Mexico, the new land is Arizona Territory, and the year is 1886?… Continue Reading “Teresa Celaya, La Doña de Arivaca”

Marian Mikesell

by Mary Kasulaitis In recent weeks, a lot has been said about Marian Mikesell, (especially by her good friend Sheila).  The sign on the Arivaca Farmers’ Market has been redone, in memory of Marian, who inspired its creation. But in this day (weeks, months)… Continue Reading “Marian Mikesell”

Arivaca Mercantile

by Mary Kasulaitis It has something for everyone, our Merc.  At least, that’s the goal of the current owners, Mary and Roger Beal and Andrea Morondos.  The Merc provides affordable food, produce, meat, fresh bread and pastries, as well as hardware supplies and unique… Continue Reading “Arivaca Mercantile”

The Caviglia Family

by Mary Kasulaitis Bernardo Caviglia arrived in Arivaca in 1887. He was born in Genoa, Italy, and had come to America in 1876 with several other Italians. After spending some time in Nevada and Leadville, Colorado, they settled near Tombstone. Bernardo told the story… Continue Reading “The Caviglia Family”

Another view of Eva Wilbur Cruce

by Mary Kasulaitis Many of you have read Eva Wilbur Cruce’s memoir, A Beautiful, Cruel Country, in which she tells of her childhood on a ranch three miles west of Arivaca. If you were living in Arivaca in the 30s and 40s, you would… Continue Reading “Another view of Eva Wilbur Cruce”

Herman and Ella Searle

by Newell Searleedited for the Connection by Mary N. Kasulaitis Herman and Ella Searle were the kind of pioneers every historian loves. Educated and articulate, they kept diaries and wrote letters. With these in hand, territorial Arizona comes to life. Herman Searle came to… Continue Reading “Herman and Ella Searle”

Oro Blanco Homesteaders: William M. and Della Marten

by Mary Kasulaitis The early years of the 20th century were busy with the activities of homesteaders in the Arivaca valley. Up at the headwaters of Arivaca Creek, William M. Marteny and his family settled on arable land and he traded cattle and horses.… Continue Reading “Oro Blanco Homesteaders: William M. and Della Marten”