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The Caviglia Family

by Mary Kasulaitis Bernardo Caviglia arrived in Arivaca in 1887. He was born in Genoa, Italy, and had come to America in 1876 with several other Italians. After spending some time in Nevada and Leadville, Colorado, they settled near Tombstone. Bernardo told the story… Continue Reading “The Caviglia Family”

Another view of Eva Wilbur Cruce

by Mary Kasulaitis Many of you have read Eva Wilbur Cruce’s memoir, A Beautiful, Cruel Country, in which she tells of her childhood on a ranch three miles west of Arivaca. If you were living in Arivaca in the 30s and 40s, you would… Continue Reading “Another view of Eva Wilbur Cruce”

Herman and Ella Searle

by Newell Searleedited for the Connection by Mary N. Kasulaitis Herman and Ella Searle were the kind of pioneers every historian loves. Educated and articulate, they kept diaries and wrote letters. With these in hand, territorial Arizona comes to life. Herman Searle came to… Continue Reading “Herman and Ella Searle”

Oro Blanco Homesteaders: William M. and Della Marten

by Mary Kasulaitis The early years of the 20th century were busy with the activities of homesteaders in the Arivaca valley. Up at the headwaters of Arivaca Creek, William M. Marteny and his family settled on arable land and he traded cattle and horses.… Continue Reading “Oro Blanco Homesteaders: William M. and Della Marten”

Chinaman Charley

by Mary Kasulaitis On the news we often see horrific crimes that have been committed by people who could have been stopped, we think, if only we had known. Many think this kind of thing didn’t happen in the “good old days.” I invite… Continue Reading “Chinaman Charley”

William S. Tonkin, miner and rancher

by Mary Kasulaitis Stories of the old days in Arivaca and Oro Blanco are remembered by the families of the relatively few people who settled in this area in the 1800s. The Tonkin family arrived in new Oro Blanco in about 1880, probably following… Continue Reading “William S. Tonkin, miner and rancher”

The Murder of Phil Shanahan, 1886

by Mary Kasulaitis After alluding to the Shanahan murder in the last article, I thought I should tell the whole sad story. Apaches had been the biggest deterrent to settlement in Southern Arizona up until the early 1870s when they were subdued and put… Continue Reading “The Murder of Phil Shanahan, 1886”

John Bartlett, Founder of “new” Oro Blanco

by Mary N. Kasulaitis John “Yank” Bartlett was the one person responsible for the initial development of the town of new Oro Blanco and the mining district of the same name. (He probably got the name from old Oro Blanco, several miles south, which… Continue Reading “John Bartlett, Founder of “new” Oro Blanco”

Etta and C.B. Ruggles

by Mary Kasulaitis On the west side of town going towards Sasabe, a dirt road takes off to the north.  “The Old Ruggles Road,” the sign says.  It’s named for C.B. and Etta Ruggles, who spent their retirement years enlivening Arivaca with activity and… Continue Reading “Etta and C.B. Ruggles”

Ramón Ahumada

by Mary Kasulaitis The first Arizonan to be inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City was Arivaca’s own Ramón Ahumada. Although he had no children of his own, a generation of young men, too numerous to mention, proudly bear the… Continue Reading “Ramón Ahumada”