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Chinaman Charley

by Mary Kasulaitis On the news we often see horrific crimes that have been committed by people who could have been stopped, we think, if only we had known. Many think this kind of thing didn’t happen in the “good old days.” I invite… Continue Reading “Chinaman Charley”

William S. Tonkin, miner and rancher

by Mary Kasulaitis Stories of the old days in Arivaca and Oro Blanco are remembered by the families of the relatively few people who settled in this area in the 1800s. The Tonkin family arrived in new Oro Blanco in about 1880, probably following… Continue Reading “William S. Tonkin, miner and rancher”

The Murder of Phil Shanahan, 1886

by Mary Kasulaitis After alluding to the Shanahan murder in the last article, I thought I should tell the whole sad story. Apaches had been the biggest deterrent to settlement in Southern Arizona up until the early 1870s when they were subdued and put… Continue Reading “The Murder of Phil Shanahan, 1886”

John Bartlett, Founder of “new” Oro Blanco

by Mary N. Kasulaitis John “Yank” Bartlett was the one person responsible for the initial development of the town of new Oro Blanco and the mining district of the same name. (He probably got the name from old Oro Blanco, several miles south, which… Continue Reading “John Bartlett, Founder of “new” Oro Blanco”

Etta and C.B. Ruggles

by Mary Kasulaitis On the west side of town going towards Sasabe, a dirt road takes off to the north.  “The Old Ruggles Road,” the sign says.  It’s named for C.B. and Etta Ruggles, who spent their retirement years enlivening Arivaca with activity and… Continue Reading “Etta and C.B. Ruggles”

Ramón Ahumada

by Mary Kasulaitis The first Arizonan to be inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City was Arivaca’s own Ramón Ahumada. Although he had no children of his own, a generation of young men, too numerous to mention, proudly bear the… Continue Reading “Ramón Ahumada”

Two More Murders: Santiago Padilla and Frank Oury

By Mary Kasulaitis In 2009 we suffered through the murder of Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul. These murders tend to stand out in the history of a small place where everyone knows everyone else.  However, the memory of those deeds eventually tends to… Continue Reading “Two More Murders: Santiago Padilla and Frank Oury”

Two Murders

by Mary Kasulaitis This is a tale of two murders that happened near Old Oro Blanco, down near the border south of Ruby.  In those days there was local law enforcement:  Justice of the Peace McClenahan presided. There were Arizona Rangers, Deputy Sheriffs and… Continue Reading “Two Murders”

The Arivaca Arts Council and more

By Mary Kasulaitis No account of the history of Arivaca’s artists would be complete without the story of the Arivaca Arts Council, an organization whose impact on the community’s life cannot be overemphasized.   It started back in the mid 1980’s, when the educationally minded… Continue Reading “The Arivaca Arts Council and more”

Arivaca: a land of peace, love and rock ‘n roll

by Mary Kasulaitis There once was a time of great change. During the 1960s and 70s America underwent a drastic overhaul of politics, social norms, religious affiliations and cultural practices. Most of the followers of this movement were young people who traveled the country,… Continue Reading “Arivaca: a land of peace, love and rock ‘n roll”