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Two Murders

by Mary Kasulaitis This is a tale of two murders that happened near Old Oro Blanco, down near the border south of Ruby.  In those days there was local law enforcement:  Justice of the Peace McClenahan presided. There were Arizona Rangers, Deputy Sheriffs and… Continue Reading “Two Murders”

The Arivaca Arts Council and more

By Mary Kasulaitis No account of the history of Arivaca’s artists would be complete without the story of the Arivaca Arts Council, an organization whose impact on the community’s life cannot be overemphasized.   It started back in the mid 1980’s, when the educationally minded… Continue Reading “The Arivaca Arts Council and more”

Arivaca: a land of peace, love and rock ‘n roll

by Mary Kasulaitis There once was a time of great change. During the 1960s and 70s America underwent a drastic overhaul of politics, social norms, religious affiliations and cultural practices. Most of the followers of this movement were young people who traveled the country,… Continue Reading “Arivaca: a land of peace, love and rock ‘n roll”

Baboquivari Monster: Interview 2

By Darlene Arvizu              I knew that they had introduced the Mexican wolf back into the wild. I knew that there was a coyote problem near my property, particularly because of the chickens I raise. I raise me some beautiful buff orpingtons and marans,… Continue Reading “Baboquivari Monster: Interview 2”

Arivaca in the 1930s, part 2 

by Mary Kasulaitis August 2017 As the 1930s wore on, most people in Arivaca continued as before.  The federal government began establishing programs to put people back to work. One of those locally useful programs was the Civilian Conservation Corps, the idea being that… Continue Reading “Arivaca in the 1930s, part 2 “

Arivaca Yesterdays – Arivaca in the 1930’s

Mary Kasulaitis July 2017   Arivaca in the early 1930s   What we think of as the Depression era of the 1930s began years before with a depressed agricultural industry all across the U.S. that had lasted a decade. Without price supports or controls… Continue Reading “Arivaca Yesterdays – Arivaca in the 1930’s”